Undertale, Five Nights at Freddy’s World, Overwatch, Rock Band, Xbox One, Sega, Destiny

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  • Undertale‘s first patch claims to fix bugs, but fans found hidden content
  • Five Nights at Freddy’s World out early, now available on Steam
  • Overwatch‘s closed beta will return in February with new game mode, new maps
  • Rock Band 4‘s next patch pushed back to February, updates moving to regular schedule
  • Backward compatible Xbox games now rolling out when ready
  • Sega bringing Sega 3D Classics Collection to 3DS in North America
  • Destiny‘s next event is for Valentine’s Day, and Iron Banner returns Jan. 26


  • Twofold Inc. could be your next Threes
  • My favorite PS2 game is now available on PS4, but does it hold up?
  • Legends of Tomorrow, explained
  • Introducing the Talkgamer Backstory podcast


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