Minimap July 1: Batman, Shenmue, PS4, Metroid, Miiverse, Marvel, Dota 2, brain-controlled video games

Welcome to Talkgamer Minimap, a podcast about the biggest news of the day.

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Minimap is your daily audio tour through the world of video games, related technologies and pop culture like comics, movies and TV. Here’s what we’re covering today:


  • Report: Warner knew about Batman: Arkham Knight PC issues ‘for months’
  • Original Shenmue voice actor returns for Shenmue 3
  • PlayStation Plus free games for July include four PS4 titles
  • Nintendo: Fans didn’t like new Metroid Prime because they hadn’t played it yet
  • Sony exec: PlayStation 4 has 70 to 90 percent of Europe’s console market
  • Miiverse redesign inbound, replaces activity feed, adds screenshot album
  • Marvel Comics officially reveals 45 titles that will start after Secret Wars
  • Valve’s International Dota 2 Championship prize pool hits $15 million
  • Brain-controlled game allows players to co-op against aliens


  • Terminator Genisys review: very wibbly wobbly, very timey wimey
  • Let’s start over with True Detective‘s confusing season 2 opener
  • Star Citizen‘s new $400 ship is all about luxurious space travel
  • I Expect You to Die lets you be the most incompetent spy ever in VR
  • FutureGrind is Uniracers meets Tony Hawk
  • P.T.-like horror game Allison Road is creepy, creepy, creepy and we love it
  • Watch all of Uncharted 4‘s explosive, mind-blowing E3 demo
  • Watch nearly an hour of Splatoon‘s upcoming new mode in action
  • The next Rocky movie is about Apollo Creed’s son, and it looks promising in this trailer
  • Get a closer look at the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic in this Aaron Sorkin-tastic trailer

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