Call of Duty, Doom, Star Wars, The Division, Pokkén Tournament, Arrow, Flash and Netflix

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  • Call of Duty surpasses 250 million games sold worldwide
  • You can download John Romero’s first new Doom level in 21 years right now
  • The Force Awakens‘ Poe is getting his own comic and it looks great
  • The Division‘s long-delayed beta kicks off Jan. 28
  • Pokkén Tournament launches in North America in March
  • ArrowThe Flash and more may be pulled from Netflix in new CW deal


  • The complete guide to virtual reality in 2016 (so far)
  • Best mechanical keyboards Updated: January 2016
  • Oxenfree review
  • King’s Quest: Rubble Without a Cause review
  • Let’s see what else Shovel Knight can scan through in Griffin’s amiibo Corner
  • First teaser for Fuller House has arrived


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