Bethesda, Hitman, Xbox, League of Legends, free Sega games, DC’s Rebirth

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  • Bethesda has three projects in the works ‘different from anything we’ve done before’
  • Hitman‘s live events include new modes, limited time challenges
  • February Xbox update launching this week with social features and more
  • League of Legends 2016 World Championship will take place across North America this fall
  • Grab Sega classics Jet Set Radio and Golden Axe on Steam for free
  • DC Comics reveals details of teased ‘Rebirth’ event


  • DICE 2016 Live
  • Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 review
  • Cobalt review
  • The Street Fighter 5 arcade stick beginner’s guide for PC
  • Hearthstone and community: Inside Blizzard’s radical new approach to working with players
  • Watch us build a castle in Fire Emblem Fates (and lay siege to someone else’s)
  • Talkgamer Backstory episode 3: Girls Make Games founder Laila Shabir
  • Newsworthy: Randy Pitchford


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